Hi, I'm Mike Pickup - welcome to my website.

I write travel features for a number of consumer-based newspapers and magazines as well as travel trade publications. I cover all forms of travel and have a specialist knowledge of ocean and river cruising.


In addition I was professionally trained as a photographer and supply hi-res images to the publications I write for. Some of my images are also used by tourists boards.

I had over 100 features published in 2016. There are more details and downloadable clips on the next page. As welll as travel writing and editiing I also do copywrighting for websites and brochures.


But my life wasn't always about travel writing. I've had a successful career as an innovator in consumer services as well as running a travel agency

The first smart phone

I brought Home Banking to Europe in 1985, worked in New York with AT&T on applications for the first ever smart phone then developed the first smart TV, capable of accessing websites and sending and receiving emails. I demonstrated this as long ago as 1997.


I was also involved in the early days of Artifical Intellegence and helped create and launch pre-paid debit cards which are now often used as a replacement for travellers cheques.

Travel Agency


There's only so much innovation one guy can take so I set up a travel agency and put together bespoke holiday packages for thousands of clients. It was very useful experience and gave me an excellent insight into all aspects of the travel industry, enabling me to write for trade as well as consumer titles, something I enjoy more than anything else.

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